miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

What are the stars made of?

There are certain facts in life that nobody tells you when you are young: Santa doesn't exist, your dad is not superman, your mom is not a saint, white lies are no so bad after all and no matter how hard you try or want something, sometimes you just can't get it.

When I was young my mother used to say to encourage me that I can do or get whatever I wanted. Well, another thing they don't say is that sometimes our parents are wrong or just don't know what to say so the say what they thing is right or they just lie and pray to you to not notice it.

I sent the letter. The mos important letter of my whole life. My heart, hope, dreams, more longing wishes, and all those plans and life and... EVERYTHING WAS THERE on an yellow envelope with post stamps. I sent the letter.

The answer was a complete silence, indifference, nothing, nothing at all.

My hopes covered in yellow paper are lost. Irrevocably lost.

Now, where should I go?

I guess that something else you discover when you grew up is that stars are made of recycled helium and hydrogen, and yes, there are a kind o magic on them but no the one you are looking for.

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