viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016

Two days later

The “Now” we are living is a difficult time to face. Two days ago the most powerful country in the world chose between two candidates for presidency and the final stand was something that broke millions of hearts around the globe, mine included. I confess that I cried after the news were confirmed, and I cried for one simple reason: I knew all this was coming. 

The fence that kept those demons of the past in the past was really weak: the misogyny, the sexism, the racisms, the xenophobia , the homophobia, the blind bigotry, the hatred, etc. And two days ago that fence just felt down and all they came out to our “Now”.

We, the rest of the world, knew about this. We always had that fear inside us that something like this could happen but we were sure that there was enough good in this world to feel safe.

Today the multiple attacks against minorities in USA have just begun showing that the worst nightmare of millions can become true from one day to another. From racism to sexual assault attempts this is happening right now in the land of freedom. As many others I feel frightened in front of all the possibilities we face and the facts we are seeing every minute of this new age.

Many people I know voted for Trump for economic reasons but somehow their vote told the world that they support these demons, these monsters I mentioned before.

You, Trump voter, opened the gate so all these monsters can come out free to play with millions of innocent lives. You are responsible of this. Read every twit, every racist act, every attack: you vote for this too when you chose Trump.

And he is not important himself, he is just a man, but a man that is shaping the mind of millions and giving them the strength and bravery to act this way against others, some of them of your own kind. These attacks are focused on anyone that looks different to the American stereotype. So they don’t ask if you are American or legal US citizen, they are attacking American born people too just for being of different color or part of the LGTB community.

You opened Pandora’s box two days ago. And trust me on this, sooner or later it will come after you. Sadly, it will happen.

As in many other occasions when real life strikes back in awful ways I refuge myself in books. So I decided to take one of my favorite quotes from Harry Potter.

“Dark and difficult times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.
-Albus Dumbledore”

The irony (and bright side) of this situation is simple. This election divided a country in half. The most powerful country, but just one country… And WE are the rest.

The people that hate and discriminate are together against the other half of the country and against us.

You didn’t prevent this: your election made us stronger.

You, Trump supporters, want to build a wall between two countries and out of purpose you build a bridge that connects half of your country with the rest of the world, so now, even if the numbers say you won, we are together, so let me be clear on this:
If you are immigrant, veteran, LGTB, woman, refugee, someone with disabilities, African American or part of a minority threatened by this new age, You must know this: half of US and the rest of the World is with you.

That half, the one that don’t hate is getting bigger. We are neither voiceless nor powerless. We are together. We stand together for what is right in a world of wrongs.

My immigrant family and my USA friends must know they are not alone, they are a blessing. That country, USA is better than this dark moment, is bigger than all the narrowed minds on it and stays together against anyone that wants a wall, metaphorical or real, to divide and oppress.

Together we build bridges and we stand for what is right.

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