miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

I have two dads.

It's a long strange story but, I have two dads. I lost one 15 years ago and I still feel his lost deep in my heart. He taught me to read and politiks, and how to use a drill and build wood toys. He made so many for me when I was a child. Bows and arrows and swings for this boyish little girl. He called me "mi muchachito". I was a tomboy. My childhood was the best in the world because of him. I never lack of a dad because he was there. I know I willalways love him and I will always miss him. And I will see him again soon. My heart is full of his love.

My other dad came to my life in an expecting moment, taking the place that belong to him in an older stage in my life. I know deep in my heart he will stay with me for the rest of our lifes because somehow we need each other... even if we didn't know it before. Now we know it. And we love each other. He is the one piece of this puzzle that I could't figure out by my own and came here to complete this story with love, patience and long telephone talks. I love this dad. I'm thankful with God for him and for this opportunity.

I have two dads. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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