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Omar Khayyam 2

I resolve daily that at dusk I shall repent
For a night with a cup full of wine spent.
In the presence of flowers, my resolve simply went
In such company, I only regret that I ever resolved to repent

Every morn I decide to repent at night
For embracing the joys of heart and sight
Yet every night, what seems right
With all my might, embrace delight.

In life devote yourself to joy and love
Behold the beauty of the peaceful dove
Those who live, in the end must all perish
Live as if you are already in heavens above.

O friend, for the morrow let us not worry
This moment we have now, let us not hurry
When our time comes, we shall not tarry
With seven thousand-year-olds, our burden carry.

Why was I given life? Why was my seed ever sown?
Why having to leave all alone with moan and groan?
If the universal wisdom received mine on loan
I’d never be born, stay or leave, let it be known.

Heaven is incomplete without a heavenly romance
Let a glass of wine be my present circumstance
Take what is here now, let go of a promised chance
A drumbeat is best heard from a distance.

A future fantasy is no more than vain hope
With wishful minds for which we grope
I’d rather improve my current scope
To an upward trend from a downward slope

Same hands that formed Venus and Sun
And wove the fabric that makes time run
Same hands brought us here, and when done
Will leave behind dust, as if we were none.

The caravan of life shall always pass
Beware that is fresh as sweet young grass
Let’s not worry about what tomorrow will amass
Fill my cup again, this night will pass, alas.

Happily I walked with the tavern down the line
Passed an old drunk, holding a bottle of wine
"Do you not fear God?" was reproach of mine
said, "Mercy is God’s sign, in silence I wine and dine."

This reality that is the world of physical
Is in truth a temporal illusion, magical
Into which we are born with a joyous call
Rule the world for some time until we fall.

In vain we scream, in vain shout
And try our best to find out
And when it’s end of our route
What’s left is simply naught.

Before time takes you by surprise
Ask for good red wine and get wise
You are not of gold, don’t believe the lies
You are put to dust, once again you’ll rise.

Do not focus upon the size
Nor for the worldly compromise
Quality is your only prize
Transcend your earthly disguise
Without fear, without despise
With love and joy improvise.

The only secret that you need to know
The passage of time is a one way flow
If you understand, joyously you’ll grow
Else you will drown in your own sorrow.

In the feast of life vulgar and chaste
The same temporal wine must taste
Some stay longer, some leave in haste
To focus upon the end is but waste.

Don’t permit sorrow to be your friend
Sadness and pain become your trend
Don’t let the book or the farm you tend
Rule your life before to earth you descend.

Before to dust you shall return
There is one thing that you must learn
Sorrow and pain your soul shall burn
Joy and bliss to light shall turn.

Some always seek the rational mind
Some will appeal to faith that’s blind
If you turn within, you’ll surely find
Both paths will lead further behind. 


Some are in endless pursuit
Some seek the forbidden fruit
I fear the voice that is mute
Cry out, "path ain’t fruit nor root!"

The wisdom that shapes our clay
Does so in a caring, loving way
Wisdom, care and love will stay
The clay is toy to shape and play.

Signs of destiny have always been
Those hands inscribed both good and mean
What was written, came from the unseen
Though we tried without and worried within.

One is great
Who faces fate
Before it’s late,
The destined state
No matter how much we debate
Oppose, engage, or calculate
Even try to accelerate
Fate only moves at its own rate.
Futile is worry, anger and hate
Joy is the only worthy mate.

At all times, merrily try
To drink wine and in song cry
Millions of kings in silence lie
From coming of January and passing of July.

I live life just like a game
Joy by any other name
And joy till death all the same
Even my grave shall proclaim
Joy has been my only fame.

Joy and sorrow in duality
Good and evil in morality
Are frailties of humanity;
Yet more pronounced is reality.

I’d rather be compassionate
Than piously destroy and hate
God is loving, God is great
God my destroyer and God my mate.

When the Creator forged the shape
Why was mankind a mere ape?
If it were good, why cloak and cape?
If unsightly, why this rape?

In our imagination, the Cosmic Wheel
Will cause us pain and cause us heal
We find our source give life and steal
We are phantoms that think and feel.

If you have a perceptive mind
And look closely you will find
The whole history of humankind
Jacob’s bloody shirt, even blind.

The rose claimed to be Jacob of grass and dirt
A red ruby resurrected with a green skirt
I said if this is so, show a sign of your hurt
Said just take a look at my bloody shirt.

Anxiously I opened my eye
Understanding, try, try, try
Reluctantly agreed to die
Come, stay and leave, I only ask why?

Death is fair, death is just
Longevity, though we lust.
Live joyfully, moment trust
Else life will have a high cost.

O Life, you put many traps in my way
Dare to try, is what you clearly say
All that is, thy command must obey
You lead me away and call me astray.

I only follow the path of my heart
In desolate desert I make my start
I follow my heart, I do my part
The path of my heart is what you chart

Tyranny of fate has made me a slave
Whatever I choose, how I behave
Is only freedom within my cave;
Even if for Paradise I crave
This moment to me is all you gave.

We strive in life so in the end
Paradise attain, to heavens ascend.
It is better our ways amend
This moment now, joyously spend

All worldly things
Come with strings
Joy beauty brings
Of freedom sings.

Alchemical power of joy
Our spirits upward buoy
Insane is the evil ploy
That happiness will destroy.

With love and joy yourself surround
Upon this earth roam free, unbound
And when you’re six feet under the ground
Your legacy of joy and love abound.

From dirt and dust come into view
Back into dust for review
And the cycles continue;
Though same for all, seen by few.

Once transpired, asleep or awake
Even with sorrow, pain and heart ache
Nothing will change, nothing will shake
You can only look for another break
And your chance take, a new life make.

Each drop of wine that is spilt
Burnt deep in my heart and sorrow built
I drink wine while prayer thou wilt
The water that quenched the fire of my guilt.

Every joyous moment you waste
Deprive yourself of heavenly taste
Confess, repent, praise, or be chaste
Towards your grave you’ll go with haste.

In later days I look behind
And with remorse I only find
Zestful youth, unaware and blind
To passage of time, fate of mankind.


The only constant is time’s passage
Which is the same for both fool and sage
To young and old time’s only message
Engage in joy, put away your rage
From the unknown set foot upon the stage
And leaving this cage one day is your wage.

In the cosmic game of polo you are the ball
The mallet’s left and right becomes your call
He who causes your movements, your rise and fall
He is the one, the only one, who knows it all.

From the depths of earth to heights of Saturn
We’ve solved all riddles, turn after turn
Break every chain, our ignorance burn
Except the riddle that fills the urn.
From the electron to distant stars
From before the wheel to futuristic cars
We’ve solved them all, broken all bars
Except the riddle of deadly scars.

Tonight I shall embrace a gallon cup
With at least two cups of wine I‘ll sup
I’ll divorce my mind and religion stop
With daughter of vine, all night I’ll stay up.
When intellect is my king
Or religion my soul string
I clip the bird of joy’s wing.
Drunk with joy, I’ll only sing
And to this world love will bring.

Every beauty that we praise
From prior valor must raise.
Beautiful face that lovers amaze
Becomes a flower upon which we gaze.
Beauty transforms from phase to phase.

Beloved friends let us gather
For each other, together care
With raised cups salute and share
In memory of he who isn’t there.

Every creature honor and respect
Bird or beast, plant or insect
If you look at life you will detect
From dust to dust, divine intellect.

Those who pursue the scientific way
In a different language display
Their ignorance and the way they pray.
They too one day shall be dust and clay.

We simply exist, silent, unaware
Busy with minute mundane worldly care
Occasionally find someone who’ll dare
To ask why we came, and from here go where?

We are the puppets and fate the puppeteer
This is not a metaphor, but a truth sincere
On this stage, fate for sometime our moves steer
Into the chest of non-existence, one by one disappear.

The hands of fate play our game
We the players are given a name
Some are tame, others gain fame
Yet in the end, we’re all the same.

'Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days
Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays:
Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays,
And one by one back in the Closet lays.

The signs of what’s to come has always been
Has always written both benevolent and mean
What is our lot was given by the hand unseen
With futility we try, exert, weep or keen.

Destiny has gifted us a perfect course
To oppose or not follow makes our life worse
Instead of useless trial, pain and remorse
We better put our cart behind our horse
And follow inspirations from our source.

Everywhere I look, I see a sign
Of an order that is great, divine
Even the sweet passionate red wine
Is the blood in this heart of mine.

Even from the bright rising sun
The moon that has playfully spun
We learn love, joy, and even fun
Before our time’s sand has run.

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